What’s Your Story?

In the spirit of answering our favorite question, this week’s video gets personal, sharing what got our CEO, Emily Drake, to a place of “taking the leap” toward entrepreneurship in January. The words in an earlier post “What I’ve Learned in Four Months” is how her story has been written since.

Because, we’re all on a journey, you see?

It isn’t about arriving, or even staying for very long. This “career thing” is about always evolving, learning, growing. It’s not about the next job, it’s about mastery.

Though we’re starting with Flank 5 Academy team stories, soon you’ll see and read “Collective Wisdom”: words and narratives from participants in The Collective and other Flank 5 Academy programs.

Their stories may inspire your own telling, or remind you of parts you missed – probably about how awesome you are. Pens down, ears open, let’s do this!