What Have You Always Wanted? + Idea Potluck

Last night, CEO Emily Drake got the opportunity to be a “dish” at Chicago’s infamous Idea Potluck monthly series, curated and hosted by Mac & Cheese Productions.

From their web site: “Idea Potluck is about ideas rather than food, bringing together a diverse array of pre-selected people who each get six minutes to share whatever they’d like to share. As an audience member, you sit back, absorb, and enjoy! You DO NOT present. Relaxed, fun way to meet others, learn, and be entertained.”

Look at all these cool DIshes? Click on the photo to learn ALL about them. (Photo Credit: Mac & Cheese Productions)
Look at all these cool Dishes? Click on the photo to learn ALL about them. (Photo credit: Mac & Cheese Productions)

So many people in the Flank 5 Academy orbit are looking for community in the career, or as leaders – as high-achievers redefining success. We’re passionate about that pursuit and asking the tough questions.  Click above to hear Emily’s share, where she asks:

“What have you always wanted? Give yourself the gift – whatever it is. What are you waiting for?”

Emily’s answer looks something like this, and arrives in time for Halloween:

Cue the awe. Photo credit: Dutch Acres Labradors.
Cue the awe. Photo credit: Dutch Acres Labradors.

We often procrastinate that which does not have a deadline – and that which we want most. Because it’s big – on risk and possibility. So that you’ve always wanted something and don’t have it is OK, and it may be just there on the other side of fear.

If you want to get inspired and meet incredibly cool people, register here to attend the last Idea Potluck of the year on October 18!