Welcome to Our New Home

Welcome to our new home! We’re so glad you made it!

In 2017, we saw such incredible growth and possibility – thanks to our loyal clients and friends. Our old name and presence online began to feel misaligned; not the best, truest representation of who we have become. Not representative of all of the growth and possibility we have come to bring to individuals and organizations.

So, we began talking about change – what we would carry through from the awesome cohort experiences that launched the Flank 5 Academy brand in 2014. From our first leadership development programs. From each individual coaching session we led. And what parts of our own stories as career changers, entrepreneurs, pursuers of adventure, would be a part of this next iteration?

Our success, and the success we create space for with everyone in our family, boils down to one thing: The Collective.

col·lec·tive adjective 1.done by people acting as a group.

It’s the name of our first group coaching offering – to be renamed and reimagined in February 2018. It’s the inevitable end point of every one of our programs. No matter in which format we work, we are always the purveyors of community. Of group reflection – of the awareness that we can’t know ourselves, by ourselves.

When it comes to our careers, our teams, ourselves, we’re better together. And each of us deserves the support toward action that comes from a group of fellow travelers – whether it’s people you meet for a chapter of your life or people you work with every day.

Introducing The Collective Academy, delivering powerful group career and leadership journeys that deliver success you define. More on that from our career exploration and leadership program clients!