The Tyranny of Resumes

80% of jobs never get posted. And yet, all of the infrastructure that supports people seeking employment is centered around this (false) premise: I need a job or want to change a job. I update my resume. A coach might give me feedback on my resume. I then go about the process of looking for jobs that are posted on sites such as, or on employer-hosted websites under “careers”. The problem is – that’s just not where the jobs are. And even that is where the jobs were lobbing over a resume and hoping someone will “pick” you is bad strategy because it doesn’t work. Good strategy is knowing what you want to do, going to the people that are already doing it, and offering to help them do it. Even if for free. Yes – for free. Stop waiting to get picked – that’s not how the world works. Go show your value in the right place – and there will be a job waiting for you.