The Most Important Research Project: You


The opinions on how you should start your day for “maximum results” and “increased productivity” are vast and varied. . . some may even be helpful. Whether the advice is “avoid the snooze” or “drink water right away” it can be hard to sift through all the recommendations to find one that really makes an impact. . . for you.

So, we’ll keep it simple and suggest something we’ve offered and observed has an impact with the hundreds of people who have come through our programs:

Tomorrow, start your day with an intention (Source: Huffington Post) – and end your day with a reflection.

Lately, we have been asking participants in Crain’s Academy and other F5 leadership programs about journaling:

Do you do it? Have you ever done it? And who cares?

Astoundingly few do. And most aren’t sure why it matters.

Well, it matters – to your ability to be successful and move forward (Source: Harvard Business Review).

You are the most important research project of your life, so knowing what your intention is and reflecting on how you lived it out day to day gives you a lot of data to pull from to make better career and life decisions.

intentionSo what is an intention and how is it different (Source: TED* Works!) than your goals?  

  • It’s present focused (today) versus future-focused
  • It’s a lived experience versus a destination
  • It’s internally driven, versus externally

If you begin with an intention you can reflect at the end of the day how you lived it out. If you wanted to “Remain open, flexible and kind with all people” or “Stay in learning and avoid judging” and you felt you didn’t live it out, don’t be too hard on yourself. Living out an intention takes a lot of practice and in research, sometimes experiments fail.

Involve community in your intention setting and increase your chances of “coming back to center,” making better decisions and being more successful throughout the day. The Collective and Crain’s Academy are great communities to join as you conduct your research!