The Collective Launch

Flank 5 Collective FINALWhen I was going through my Flank 5 Academy cohort in 2014, my accountability partners were the “special sauce” of the experience. Weekly calls with two peers who knew my goals, who checked my fears and emboldened my decisions on what was a reach for the week – it led to me “going public” with my business which led to a full-time job offer.

Fast Company has a great list of what makes accountability with others successful. Key to the success? Including people who have a good track record: in other words, individuals who have past experience with achieving difficult things.

Last week, we announced the launch of The Collective – a community of alumni and other achievers looking to, once again, achieve something powerful. Anyone who knows Flank 5 Academy knows that they can’t get to the next point alone.

The Collective meets weekly. It is never less than four, never more than 12, seekers. They are not your friends, though they may become your biggest fans. If your way of getting you where you want to go isn’t working, do what you know does work – add outer expectations to your inner reality. Not sure how you’re motivated? Take this Four Tendencies quiz from the ever-wise Gretchen Rubin, career-changer and happiness expert, to find out. 

More on the experience, including FAQ’s. 

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All sessions of The Collective meet at Bunker Labs at 1871 on the 12th floor of the Merchandise Mart.