Q&A Monday – How Can I Help?

According to Wharton’s highest-rated professor, Adam Grant, success is increasingly dependent on how we interact with others. In the first two chapters of his book, Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success, he goes on to explain that leaders and individuals who practice giving – versus taking or matching – are at the top of the success ladder.

That givers gain is interesting (New York Times, 2013). Many of us experience both asking and responding to the question: “How can I help?” as something to avoid, especially in the world of work, Grant notes:

“We tend to compartmentalize giving, reserving a different set of values for the sphere of work. . . people fear they will be exploited if they operate as givers.”

It makes sense – and still, we’re inviting you to try something new. Consider if you’re already feeling depleted that giving could actually fill you up.

Let us know what you think, as you try asking the question, “How can I help?”

Or if you already do, share with us how it’s changed your own world of work.