Overcome Procrastination

Ahh, our good old friends procrastination and perfectionism.  The dynamic duo of pain and regret.
Procrastination and stalling are very real forces.  They sap our energy, load on shame and guilt, and keep us from doing the very thing we must do….take action.

Here are few strategies you can use right now to begin to overcome this destructive force:

-> Balance the Pain/Pleasure fulcrum. 
Usually we procrastinate because somehow we think NOT doing the thing in front of us is less painful than taking action.  This can often happen at a subconscious level.  Maybe we think it needs to be perfect…or we have failed in this task before.  Instead, try to focus on positive outcomes.  Attach an enjoyable activity as you work (enjoyable music, favorable tea, etc).  We are training our brains to see that pleasure can be part of the process.

-> Work in short stints.
When we know that we only have to work on it for a short period of time it doesn’t seem as daunting to our brain.  Usually you will find that after 10 minutes it will be easy (and enjoyable) to continue.  Stop looking for that 4 hour time slot – it won’t happen.

-> Don’t “should” on yourself.
Being our own worst critic might seem effective but it actually just attaches more pain to this event.  Imagine touching a hot stove – we’re not going to want to return to it.  The same thing happens when we berate ourselves for not doing enough on this project or goal – we just attach more fear.  Stop it!  Be gentle with yourself and cultivate a mindfulness approach.

-> Write down your WHY.
Why are you doing what you are doing?  What is the reason this goal or objective is in front of you?  Do you have your why?  If not, get focused on that.  Write down exactly why accomplishing this goal will be so benefical for you.  What will life be like if you can do it?

-> Get out of isolation.
If you are working in a silo consider the odds very stacked against you.  We need accountability as well as support.  It is so difficult to tackle large changes on our own.  Instead, join a mastermind group or program like ours to get into community.  The power and encouragement of the group will move you forward faster than you could individually.