Introducing Josh Johnson, Marketing and Growth Coordinator


I’m no stranger to change and adaptation. I’ve experienced many typical life “curve balls” and I’ve never been happier than current state:

Continuing to try on as many “hats” as possible to find one that fits – or maybe quite a few, knowing me.

Breathing into the importance of self-awareness, the value of wisdom, and regular reflection is becoming more of a routine for me these day – AND I will always have the need to  strive to be better.

From my experience in retail, I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside inspiring individuals who have just graduated high school. By supervising them, I quickly saw myself showing signs of multiple passions and strengths while developing my managerial skills.

My path in retail earned me a few promotions and, more importantly,  helped me ultimately gain an understanding about the difference between management and leadership.

While my work life flourished, my urge to finish college was still really important. I made the decision to step down from my position in 2014 and finish my final two years at Columbia College Chicago, graduating last month with a BA in Music Business Management with a focus in marketing. Throughout my life, I’ve been known to many as a “musical individual,” growing up and participating in district and state level choirs. By the end of my high school education, I began diving into music production and working with local musicians in Chicago.

Returning back to school a couple of years ago opened up my eyes to new opportunities. My career journey has helped me learn to embrace change and possibility as the only way to move forward and it’s from that realization that I was so excited to get the opportunity to work with Flank 5 Academy as their Marketing and Growth Coordinator. May my own growth continue!