F5 Point of View: Personal Advisory Boards (Part 3)

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks, hearing about your progress with choosing personal advisory board members, the subject of part two in this series. Discovery and research are empowering and important, but there’s nothing like taking action to really catapult us toward our goals.

Part three offers a way to “make the ask” in easy steps that require contemplation and intention. For the six to 10 people you’ve decided to invite into this stage of your career journey, here is what you want to include in your e- or live outreach.

+ Share your intention

+ Share your goal

+ Share your progress

+ Share your admiration

+ Make a specific ask

In order to take these steps, you’ll want to define a goal, something we do regularly in The Collective. If you need strategy and support around that, or to stay accountable as you make your outreach to your personal advisory board, join us – and dozens of others who have changed careers, pivoted in professions and redefined success.

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