F5 Point of View: Personal Advisory Boards (Part 2)

Now that you know the purpose of a personal advisory board from part one in our series, and how it’s different from your network or your breadth of contacts on LinkedIn, this week we offer a way to determine WHO should be invited to join this select group as you navigate your next shift.

(And they SHOULD be invited: the “how to” of that drops in part three, debuting next week.)

Everyone will be selected, first, by vetting them through your own personal “non-negotiables” like kindness, open-mindedness, creative and personality preferences – but after you’ve aligned on that foundation, consider:

+ The specific change you want to make – this requires goal setting, and not everyone who got you here, will get you there.

+ Who do you admire?

+ Who thinks differently than you?

+ Who IS different than you? Diversity in age, gender, journey.

+ Who are you missing? How will you recruit for a certain role or roles?

Next time we’ll share how to make “the ask” – and get to work inviting your personal advisory board to the table as you make your shift and evolve in mastering your own career.

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