F5 Point of View: Personal Advisory Boards (Part 1)

This is the first in a three-part series we’ve curated on Personal Advisory Boards, a meaningful conversation point within the Flank 5 Collective over the past month.  We’ll answer “what is it?” first, then provide a strategy for how to choose your board members and, finally, “make the ask” and formalize the relationship for powerful, career moving engagement and response.

Your advisory board is different than your network, though often confused. When done effectively, it’s formalized, intentional, and intended to yield deep, impactful relationships that service your career journey. Encouragement is a byproduct; strategy and seasoned advice are the focal point. Because of this, members likely aren’t your friends or family.

Emily talked about this on a recent episode of Idea Lemon‘s Discover Your Inner Awesome podcast.

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