#TBT: Everyday Amnesia

Amnesia is a serious disorder, medically diagnosable and traumatic. We often share in The Collective and within our support circles that we have a habit of forgetting as we go through change – our own kind of amnesia. In our career journeys, specifically, the amnesia struggle may not be diagnosable but can certainly lead to life-limiting (fear-fueled) challenges.

For example:

  1. We forget that we’ve been in tough situations before and we’ve persevered
  2. We forget that we need other people – not just Post-It note reminders and inspirational newsletters – to really make progress toward our potential
  3. We forget that even if we wake up uninspired that it probably won’t be the feeling that lasts all day (of course, depression is a serious illness too)
  4. We forget that frustration is part of the process – not an intrusion (reaffirmed so eloquently in a TED Blog post by Elizabeth Gilbert)

For today’s Throwback Thursday (an appropriate naming phenomenon for this post!) we’re resurfacing a video where Eric asks “What’s Your Reminder?”

Consider as you round out the week, what you learned on Monday – who you met, what you promised, what you felt – and if you can’t remember, consider how you’ll check-in on that progress. When you connect with others and share what you’re noticing, you’re far less likely to forget insights that lead to conversations that lead to change.