Collective: Launch

Group coaching for ideation and action


1 N. State, 15th Floor, Chicago

Description – Collective: Launch is a membership-based community that meets weekly for facilitated group coaching led by The Collective Academy facilitators. The group allows you to connect with a community of achievers around your personal goals, career aspirations, and full potential.

Why does it work?  The same reason so many group delivered formats work: there is power in involving others on your career journey.  When we surround ourselves with like-minded people in a high-trust environment we unleash the power of their collective creativity, support, and inspiration to help us advance in our own professional lives.  When we work in groups, we see success in other people’s advances and development, and become further inspired for our own.  In a group, we are reminded that we are not alone – that changing our professional lives to fulfill our professional destiny is a work in progress that we universally share as people and that there is joy and fulfillment in incremental successes and progress.

Price: $400/month (initial three-month membership required, followed by month-to-month participation


Who is a good fit for the Collective?

Collectivists are successful people – on paper, and in the eyes of many. They also are redefining what success means internally, and have an increased sense of urgency to pursue what matters most to them. They have some support – others to talk to – but are looking for the accountability and strategy that can only come from a new group of journeyers on a similar path toward fulfillment.

Why should I join the Collective?

The Collective is a community for professionals who don’t need individual coaching, but want to try something new to get unstuck and get traction on an idea or a path they are considering in their career. All of our alumni note gains in happiness and fulfillment, even if the “outcome” doesn’t fulfill the prescription they originally wrote for themselves (i.e. “I need a new job)” You should join us if you’re ready, open-minded and want to do brave things. If alignment, rather than achievement, is your focus.

Where do I start?

First, fill out our application [Apply Now]. If you are a good fit for the Collective, you’ll be contacted by one of our facilitators for a screening call. After our chat, if it sounds like the group is the next right step, you’ll be invited to actively observe a session.