Daily Reflection Fuels Change

In the Collective last week, we shared a lot about the “power of the pause”; taking time to get present – to gain access to a growth mindset and be a more effective. As a community, we believe this reflection, applied daily, is a powerful tool to help us see patterns and make meaning of what can otherwise be a mach speed or mundane day-to-day experience.

In this video from the Flank 5 Academy archives, Eric reminds us that, to affect any behavioral change we’re trying to implement in our life, we need to measure it. There has to be a baseline.

One of our favorite ways to do this is with Mood Meter, a simple app on your phone that can be set-up to prompt you with the question, “How are you feeling?” You may be thinking, “Who cares how I’m feeling? I need to measure I am!” Or “I can’t be bothered with my feelings. I am stuck in this job and need to get out.”

For some of us, coming into awareness feels like that person at a party who says, “Hey guys, get together – let’s take a photo!” We all groan, at being interrupted and asked to pause, then slowly gather ‘round. Inevitably, when we see it days later or years later, we remember, “Oh right! that party was fun” or “I have to remember to hang out with so-and-so more often.” The data point is captured for you to make meaning of.

We have a feeling if you’re a part of the Flank 5 Academy community, you’ll be hip to our hypothesis – that by measuring where we’re at and what we’re doing and how we’re feeling in those moments, we can pinpoint what lights us up and what drains our energy. Ultimately, that data can help us make intentional decisions in our life about what kind of change we want to make.

Awareness doesn’t just have short-term payoff, but long-term too. It’s what our memories are made of.

How are you taking note of your daily experience? What can you do this week to “tune-in” more to how you’re feeling, about your work, your colleagues, yourself?

Habit Quote - Mark Twain