#CollectiveWisdom: Be Patient When Risk-Taking

Kate Hadley Toftness
When I was reflecting on my time with The Collective, in preparation for my final meeting and sharing any thoughts with the other members, I came up with three “themes” that summed up what I personally took away from the experience as strategies for being honest with yourself and moving forward with your goals:
1) Patience
2) Generosity 
3) Intuition


To elaborate on this a bit, I would say that each one of themes has an important caveat:
1) Patience (with Risk-taking) – Understand and accept that things take time. Enjoy slowing down to take things as they come without worrying so much about the future. Enjoy the present and actively cultivate attention to the present (that’s the yogi in me). That being said, you have to be willing to take risks in the midst of that patience! Be active, take steps, rock the boat, wake up! And then be patient with the results.
2) Generosity (with Honesty) – Imagine that all the energy you put into your work and your relationships with others (and to your own own growth), will all come back to you ten fold. Just try it out as if it were true. Depending on the results, maybe this will prove true. Encompass this spirit of generosity and recognize your own limits. Less so your limits of ability, more so your limits of time. Respect yourself to give yourself and loved ones the time you and they deserve. Respect others enough to commit to the things that you can do with excellence. Or let them know you what’s possible. Be honest.
3) Intuition (with Strategy) – Do you have a hunch about something you should be doing? Could be doing? Do you just know that you’re on the right track but can’t say why? Do you just know that something specific in your life needs to change? Pay attention to the things that, it turns out, you actually know. Yep, that thing that you know but haven’t done anything about. Or the thing you know but maybe don’t yet have the words to explain. Now that you know it, and you know that you know it, make a plan about how you will address that intuition now and when it creeps up from time to time.
Kate Hadley Toftness is a Flank 5 Academy Collectivist alumna. Professionally, she is a lover of the arts, a writer, and a leader in grants and partnerships for art institutions. You can learn more about her on LinkedIn.