#CollectiveWisdom: Mindset Matters + Carole Andrew

Carole Andrew is an alumna of the Collective. You can find her on LinkedIn or plotting her next international travel adventure.


I thought I knew what mindset was and why it’s important for how we move in the world. In fact, I felt confident that I had the “right one” – so confident that it never occurred to me to stop and take a critical look at how I approach obstacles and effort, and how my mindset shapes my actions and outcomes as I evolve in my career journey.

When I joined The Collective, I wasn’t sure what to expect, let alone what I would contribute. However, I knew I would be surrounded by a group of goal-oriented professionals with a desire to achieve the “right more” in their personal and professional lives. Being in community and having an ability to network and learn from each other was what I craved while in the midst of a career relaunch.

After taking a career break for several years to raise my children, I knew that things had changed in the world of work. This awareness helped me to know that I needed to travel this next stage with “seekers” of career and personal fulfillment. In community, I would stay focused on my goals.

I also knew I wanted a challenge, something I missed about working, and the wisdom and experiences I gained access to as part of The Collective was powerful.

One of the books we explored during my membership experience was Mindset by Carol Dweck, one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of motivation and a professor of psychology at Stanford University. She discusses the difference between:

+ Fixed mindset (i.e. intelligence is static, leads to a desire to “look smart” and thus avoid challenges)

+ Growth mindset (i.e. intelligence can be developed, leads to a desire to learn and embrace challenges)

I quickly realized through our weekly group sessions that I’d developed a fixed mindset over the years –  one that was going to limit my pursuit of meaningful next steps on my career journey.

Involving others in my process, including the members of the Collective, got me reconnected with what I’ve always known to be true about myself: I thrive on learning new things and growing through different experiences.

Until this year, I hadn’t fully realized how much I gain when surrounded by trusted advisors who will support me, ask me tough questions, and hold me accountable.

My growth mindset really began to flourish in this setting and yielded a lot of new activity and ideas for my relaunch journey.

Seeking out challenge to think in new ways about issues, to seek input and listen intentionally, to take action and course correct as needed, and to “shock the system” when you’re stuck is something I plan to continue as I transition to the next chapter of my career. The stakes of staying in a fixed mindset are high, and it’s been empowering to realize that fixed mindset is no longer congruent for the story I want to tell.

About The Collective

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