Creating a Career Community – The Collective Launches

Welcome to March, Flank Family! The Collective launched last week with an incredibly diverse group of leaders – all seeking structure, strategy and support in their career journey. Working within industries ranging from higher education to video production and finance, and with personal backgrounds just as varied, the group coalesced around the Collective’s weekly agenda:

  • Powerful Introductions (Have we mentioned how great the networking is with this group?)
  • Thought Leadership – Mindset continues to fuel conversation and increase awareness. All of us are “fixed mindset” in some part of our lives – but does it work?
  • Critical Question – From challenges with time and balance (how to reconcile family and job search responsibilities) to upward mobility (how to get the promotion that requires a skill you don’t have), folks brought it honestly and gave each other great suggestions on how to “move the needle” for next week.

To close, we asked participants for one word to describe where they were in feeling/thoughts at the end of the two hours: “Free”, “Charged Up” and “Supported” were just a few (we think hungry may have been another!). The energy and enthusiasm was palpable and we’re so excited to keep rolling tonight.

If you’re curious to know what the Collective is all about, join us next week! We meet at the Mart every Tuesday from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. in 1871 within the Bunker Labs space. Email [email protected] so we can get excited to see you.

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Changing the Career Conversation

Thank you to the Northwestern University Alumni Association for hosting Emily and Todd for a Webinar last month titled “Returning To Work: Defining Your Strategy.” If you missed it, don’t fret – it’s available in their archives for downloading.

The second Crain’s Leadership Academy is underway with another incredible lineup of CEO guest speakers and powerful, high-achieving participants.


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