Our Process

Individual coaching can make the difference between loving your next job and “more of the same.” It can also help with “falling back in love” with a career you feel distance from, and finding renewed energy and enthusiasm for your current context. Sometimes “getting out” isn’t the only way forward.

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  • I began working with Emily in order to explore potential new career opportunities. It evolved into a deeper, more meaningful journey that allowed me to understand myself better and gain a deeper level of self confidence. Emily is skilled at identifying opportunities to guide you down a path that will truly benefit you, all the while checking in with you to make sure it is working for you. She effortlessly creates a safe and comfortable space to do the necessary work. With Emily there is no shortage of 'real talk', practical tips and a network of contacts and recommendations she is happy share. By the end of our time together, I had been promoted to a new role with broader responsibility and my personal horizons had been expanded in multiple ways, all thanks to her.
    - Shelley A., Business Manager
  • The morning of my last session with The Collective Academy, I could not help but think about the parallels between my bike ride along Lake Michigan every morning and my journey as a member of the group. I entered the group full of energy and passion in the same way as I had begun countless jobs, projects, and initiatives throughout my career. Just a few weeks later it struck me that this excitement had not yet tailed off, but was actually growing even stronger. That stood in sharp contrast to everything I had ever experienced; the normal cycle went something along the lines of passion, excitement, less excitement, frustration, apathy, re-invigoration, more frustration, anger, eventual disengagement. The Collective Academy led me to success and happiness.
    - Ben Dekker, Owner, Bishops
  • "Working with The Collective Academy was an incredible, transformational experience for me. I am not only going back to school to pursue a career as a therapist, I have developed a strong network of individuals who care about me and my future success. And who I can always lean on for advice, support, or even a good laugh! I think if you are someone looking to improve yourself both professionally and personally The Collective Academy is the place for you. I credit them for helping me see my true potential and the importance of following your dreams. I will always look back upon my experience with a giant smile."
    - Abby Pfeiffer, Communications Manager, McCormick Foundation


What can I expect from working with The Collective Academy coaches?

The Collective Academy coaching process begins with a conversation on fit and focus – why is now the right time for you to enlist support? What do you want to shift? Time and time again, what we want when we begin a discovery process is not where we land – in fact, we land in a place we couldn’t have imagined. Each coaching engagement is personalized with number of sessions, inter-session communication, resources, assessments and books, all dependent on goals you articulate with your coach.

Who is a good fit for coaching with The Collective Academy?

The Collective Academy coaches leaders at all levels, specializing in helping high-potential executives redefine success to go out and get what means the most. . . to them. Not to anyone else. Our process is not a good fit if you are in transition and not currently working, but need to find employment quickly. Please visit our Referral List for other options.

Who are The Collective Academy coaches?

Our CEO Emily Drake works with individuals from the deepest career vantage points. As a licensed therapist, she is able to address motivations, fears, and strategy for various pivot points including discernment to stay or leave a job or career field; how to start a business; how to manage up and down within a client’s current organization and any issues focused on relationships – which is, let’s be honest, all issues