Taking the Leap

Redefining success and becoming a business owner

The morning of my last session with The Collective Academy, I could not help but think about the parallels between my bike ride along Lake Michigan every morning and my journey as a member of the group. I entered the Friday morning group full of energy and passion in the same way as I had begun countless jobs, projects, and initiatives throughout my career. Just a few weeks later it struck me that this excitement had not yet tailed off, but was actually growing even stronger. That stood in sharp contrast to everything I had ever experienced; the normal cycle went something along the lines of passion, excitement, less excitement, frustration, apathy, re-invigoration, more frustration, anger, eventual disengagement.

Not only was my passion for The Collective Academy group coaching growing, the aspects of my life that I chose to investigate with my new friends were getting better too. Each relationship that I cultivated with another Collective member brought an opportunity to bring a supporter of ME into my life. Someone dedicated to listening, strategizing, challenging me and holding me accountable. I was amazed at my passion for doing everything I could to return the love and support back towards each and every person.

Until my last session, I had never fully understood exactly what it was about The Collective Academy that led to the success and happiness that I had experienced over the last months. The people that joined me on my journey were a powerful force, so dedicated to my success that at times I felt invincible. I had done things in a few months that for many years I wasn’t able to do on my own, like leaving trading and becoming a business owner.

Squinting to fight the wind burning my face on the lakefront path, I imagined the water sweeping back and forth to be my life. Life could be rough at times, perfectly calm at times, and downright lethal occasionally. The fact was that while I occasionally swam through choppy tides, most of the time I was just treading water. Until The Collective Academy. The powerful connections that I made initially were a life vest, then a buoy, and ultimately a surf board.

The tools to endure and ultimately thrive were essential for me to not only gain the confidence to stand up and ride the waves, but to use to my advantage the very forces that earlier in my life caused me to struggle.