CEO Flow

Driving home from halfway through my Flank 5 Academy experience, I told my husband Marc about my vision. It was summer time and I excitedly let loose: “I want to create a place, a physical place. . . where people can get connected to their purpose and live it out through their career. I want to dismantle the American dream that involves ‘bootstrapping’ and solo pursuits and build a community where we all arrive where we are meant to arrive, together.”

Here’s what it looked like on paper – if you know the Flank 5 Academy flow, you know we love markers and BIG sheets of paper.

Before and after of my cohort experience, May and July 2014.
Before and after of my cohort experience, May and July 2014.

It was one of those summer nights where the energy is already perfect – we savor those in Chicago. That makes it poetic, but really it was because of the who of the evening, not the when. Who was at Grind and what they were willing to share – that I got clarity. Vulnerability breeds vulnerability, don’t ya know?

From that night to today, it’s been all about befriending fear. I couldn’t unknow what I shared with Marc. From there, I got a new job, leading coaching and programming at the Career Transitions Center – I launched a career counseling practice and worked with mid-career professionals to strategize their change path – and then Todd, Eric and I got serious about what was next: that program that changed my life, the one that pushed me into the arena with fear, would now be where I lead. I am now CEO of Flank 5 Academy.

There are some fundamental truths to this journey that I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks – truths about naming my purpose and then pursuing it – one of which is surrounding yourself with supporters, advisors, mirror-holders and truth-tellers. My Personal Board of Directors all asked me the same question when I talked about making the leap:

“Why not now?”

So, now it shall be – living in the now, helping others see the power of now versus the story of yesterday – now is where it’s at. I invite you to get into the now with us as we gain momentum in 2016. Here’s a few action steps for right this second:

  1. Join The Collective, now. We’re launching February 9.
  2. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and sign up for our weekly updates, now. We’re going to be sharing a lot of inspiration and strategy.
  3. Commit to naming your arena, now. What are you going to do this year?

Ready? Go! With gratitude and an open mind!