Meet our Team

Emily Drake, CEO – Emily is the “heart and soul” of The Collective Academy, bringing her whole self to the pursuit of bringing more humanity, diversity – and thus impact – into the workplace. She believes you need to be the most you to achieve fulfillment.

Todd Connor, Co-Founder – Todd is the architect and ideator behind many of The Collective Academy programs. A successful entrepreneur, he is expert at turning ideas into action into reality. Todd is all about learning by doing, and pushes others to be brave while being of service.

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What We Do

The Collective Academy creates experiences that begin with the individual – how you think, what you’re great at, what alignment looks like for you – and expands the aperture to look at teams, organizations and the community. We create “groundswell programs” that can transform cultures, ways of thinking and what is possible.

Leadership Programs

Design a customized program to engage your greatest asset: the people who power your organization every day.
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Career Exploration

Retreats, group and individual coaching to walk through pivots, changes alongside a powerful community committed to action.
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Stuff We Love

Our favorite blogs, podcasts, books, thought leaders and incredible humans doing the work – we compile it all so you don’t have to.
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What makes The Collective Academy different?

At the heart of all of our programs is community – a Collective – that is built one individual at a time. It is impossible to be effective in our work, and as an organization, without first understanding what motivates us, what our strengths are and what lights us up. By harnessing that awareness, incredible action is possible. People are empowered and excited to “take charge” of their career development. We are experts at creating a space for individuals and teams to go through that process, quickly.

What can I expect from a Collective Academy program at my organization?

How do you work with individuals?